Friday, 25 April 2008

Lytham / Fairhaven

While I was in Ibiza a Ross's gull turned up on the Ribble estuary near Fairhaven Lake. It had been showing very well for several days and the first chance I got to go for it was on 25th April. This was the day it decided to become elusive and wasn't seen during the entire morning I spent looking - it turned up later in the day after I'd left. Consolation came in the form of two summer plumaged adult Little gulls in the channel a short way upriver from Fairlawn road. There were several distant "commic" terns further out - probably Arctic but I wasn't certain. There were also good number of waders on the mud including several stunning summer plumaged grey plovers and a few summer plummaged knot. Other waders included black-tailed godwit, dunlin and ringed plover. Photographically I had to settle for this linnet. It didn't deserve not to have its photo taken just for being common so here it is.

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