Saturday, 26 April 2008

Ring Ouzel and Dotterel - Pendle Hill

The short hike up Pendle is one of my favourite walks and something I do several times year. Between late April and early May Dotterel can be seen on the summit and the slopes often have Ring Ouzel. This is one of 5 Ring Ouzel that were seen during the weekend. There were also a couple of Dotterel on the summit, that were unfortunately flushed by inconsiderate photographers so I didn't get a very good view of them. I didn't have the time to hang around and my non-birding wife Jeanette was with me. I have become quite an expert on how far I can push it when birding with Jeanette and she wouldn't have enjoyed hanging around the summit of Pendle getting cold while I tramped around looking for the Dotterel so we came down after only a few minutes on the summit. I went up a few days later though on my own and got a much closer view of Dotterel. I didn't get any photos though - I don't get hung up about photographing everything I see, sometimes I think it's more worthwhile to just watch and enjoy.

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